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Model Firox8000R
Series Optical Transport System
Product Description


The Firox8000R is a ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer),  which is capable of transporting SDH, OTN, and Ethernet signals on the WDM physical layer. The system has a 3.2 Tb/s optical switching capacity..

The Firox8000R can be flexibly configured for different wavelengths; it is capable of switching wavelengths in 9 different directions (degrees). Each wavelength on each optical port can be added, dropped, or passed through to another port. With this capability, the operator can create diverse network configurations such as ring, point-to-point, and mesh optical topologies with simplified network infrastructure.

Major Functions

- Non-blocking ADD/DROP switching
- Optical channel re-use
- OCP (One-Click Provisioning)
- ATD (Auto Topology Discovery)

Key Features

- Extensible, economical, and efficient
- High-capacity transport

- Low operational expense
- Support for SDH, OTN and Ethernet signals