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RF Repeater

Model SDR Quad
Series Cellular Coverage System
Product Description


Software Definable Repeater 

Major Functions

FUTURE PROOF:  Accepts multi-standard platforms and simultaneously processes multi-bands such as CDMA, iDEN, LTE, WiMAX.

SCALABILITY and FLEXIBILITY:  Leads the sprint network evolutions with its modular design and digital filtering.

USABILITY: Maximizes users’ convenience with its simple and easy installations, operation, maintenance and repairs.

BEST IN CLASS: Constructs the best repeater not only in the performance but also as a clever investment.

Key Features

- A quad-band configuration that can select multiple sub-bands
- High-performance digital filtering through FPGA (iDEN & PCS)
- High rejection and fast roll-off through SAW (WiMAX)
- An adaptive automatic gain control (AGD) to achieve stable performance
- Input overdrive protection through an automatic level control (ALC)
- Installation Wizard: Helps automatic installation and optimization
- Hot-swap slot-type cards of modular design
- Combiner units for common donor and server antennas
- Downlink input & output power trend display (48 hours)
- User friendly web-based GUI
- Convective cooling without a fan
- Slim Body Structure