Woo Kyung Optics

Fire control equipment, Panoramic telescope, Telescope, Elbow telescopes, Optical fingerprint recognition equipment and more

Woo Kyung Optics, with passion and trust. 

As a company in pursuit of the Opto-Mechatronics technology (Optics, mechanics, and electronics), Woo Kyung Optics mass-produces electronic and optical products by directly designing and processing parts in the areas of optics, mechanics, metals, and electronics. 

When it comes to the Private division, Woo Kyung Optics, a production partner of the SecuGen in America, has been manufacturing the optical fingerprint identification devices and peripherals, exporting everything we produce to America, Europe, Japan and many other developed countries. With the America's FBI fingerprint identification technology, we supply our fingerprint identification devices to the U.S government, too.

In the Military division, as an Official Defense Product Supplier to the Ministry of Defense, our company produces the shooting control devices (Panoramic Telescope, Telescope, Elbow Telescopes and many others) for a 105mm, 155mm, 106mm, 81mm, 60mm artillery to supply them to the Korean military. We also have manufactured the high-technology optical products including the day & night shooting control devices and the optical products used in airplane and medical parts with our commitment to the capability of self-defense and human welfare for our country.

We will do our best to make Woo Kyung Optics become a company that is competitive with cutting-edge technologies and based on trust.

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